Jonathan Ridley

Jonathan Ridley

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Username * Vitreous
Country * United Kingdom
City Brighton


Availability: Freelance


ve been an artist as long as I can remember. It started off with daubs of colour, pictures of soldiers shooting each other, and bubblegum factories.
As a child I constantly drew everything I could, whenever I could.
Apart from the odd life drawing class I never pursued art formally past the age of 16.
I always had art in me but didn't have a very understanding teacher, so i quit formal art soon after begining my A levels.
I still spent most of my time trying to be a better artist, either drawing comics, or painting murals and kaleidoscopic formations of my ideas.
In many ways being rejected by my teacher was a catalyst to work harder in developing my thoughts.
I felt more liberated than discouraged.

My art is primarily about how I, and we, face the world as human beings and cope with the pressures that this THING we have created puts upon us.
One of my paintings is called 'Magical Journeys', and I feel that that title sums up what i want to do with my work. I want people to travel around the canvas and discover things, to find something new each time they look, and to share in my subconcious, my dreams, my visions.
The world moves at such a fast pace and we pile things around ourselves, objects, fashions, sensibliites, trends, material to try to fill the gap. I try in my paintings to get people to look in a mirror, and challenge their ideas about humanity and its p(l)ace in the world.